Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a fashionable guy. That's no secret. He wears obscure outfits to the arena and makes it work.

Take, for example, this photographer's vest Westbrook wore to Oracle Arena before the Thunder's road meeting with the Warriors Thursday night:

Nothing too crazy about it, right? Westbrook is just being his normal self, wearing unique attire.

Well, this may not be so random. Warriors forward Kevin Durant, Westbrook's former teammate in Oklahoma City, is a noted photography enthusiast. During last year's Super Bowl in Santa Clara, Durant was credentialed as a photographer for The Players' Tribune (one day after the Thunder lost to the Warriors in Oakland). He posted his album in an article the following day.

Kevin Durant

Three important notes from that The Players' Tribune piece are related with Thursday night's activities:

-- Durant couldn't fit into his NFL-provided photographer's vest because it was too small.
-- He said of his photography skills: "I may be just starting out, but I also like to think that at my height, I might have some different angles than other photographers. After all, you’ve gotta play up your strengths."
-- Also, remember this meme with Stephen Curry? It's hilarious now:

Westbrook was asked about the vest's meaning after entering the arena but before tip-off. He denied a connection between the vest and Durant.

"I got that when I was in Madrid, saw the photographers walking around with the thing on, and I thought it was great fashion idea, something for the collection, Westbrook says. "There's no story behind it. I don't wear anything for anybody. I wear what I want to wear."

As for further context, the Jordan Brand released an ad just last week with Westbrook dancing to the lil Uzi's "Do What I Want." So on top of denying trolling Durant with the vest, Westbrook is also promoting his footwear line by subtly referencing his commercial.

On a different note, are we all in unwritten agreement that the NBA dress code is dead?

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