Steven Adams

Thunder center Steven Adams -- whose unique personality is starting to draw him quite a following -- piled into the back of a car for a rousing rendition of carpool karaoke. No, James Corden wasn't there, because this was filmed in Adams' native New Zealand.

Still, it delivered on both performance and nostalgia. Adams and a few of his friends from the Southern Hemisphere rocked out to the Backstreet Boys hit, "I Want It That Way." Everyone clearly knew the lyrics, and everyone was clearly into it.

The video was enough fun that the Oklahoma City Thunder shared it on Twitter:

Between playing basketball in America, making viral videos with the Kiwis, and doing his best to become the NBA's version of Yosemite Sam, it's been quite a year for Stephen Adams.

Enjoy it while you can, big guy: Without Kevin Durant, this season's gonna be a tough one.