YouTube VanZant Interviews Fans

We knew that Paige VanZant could fight, and we knew Paige VanZant could dance. Now we know that the 22-year-old can act a little bit too.

VanZant, currently the 10th ranked fighter in the women's strawweight division, made an appearance at the UFC's Fan Expo, but she kept that a secret to the public. Going undercover in a fairly elaborate disguise, VanZant posed as a reporter with Reebok to interview fans in a Matt Harvey-esque prank – questioning fans about her while they have no awareness of whom they're speaking to.

Fortunately for VanZant, the clueless fans primarily had positive things to say, so her experience did differ from Harvey somewhat in that sense. The entire session can be seen via the UFC's YouTube account here:

Of course, VanZant did eventually reveal herself to her interview subjects, who seemed genuinely surprised but were ultimately good sports. Without question, it was a very effective method for VanZant to get fans' true opinions of her.

VanZant, who holds a 6-2 career record in UFC competition, will fight unranked Bec Rawlings on August 27.

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