This is real life.

Apparently, with Marshawn Lynch retired, Skittles has found its new "Beast Mode." Or should we say, "Touchdown Trevor." The brand announced a partnership with Siemian with a video of him dispensing candy out of a parka.

That's not all. While Tom Brady may give his offensive linemen Uggs for the holidays, Siemian gives his offensive linemen parkas with Skittles in them. Max Garcia, Michael Schofield and Matt Paradis all posted photos with the new gear.

Trevor Siemian has come a long way since Plex Dining Hall. Yes, I did just make a Northwestern joke that only a handful of people reading this will understand. I am not sorry at all.

The Broncos have a long way to go to make the playoffs. At 8-6, the reigning champions are one game behind the Dolphins for the No. 6 seed, with the Ravens and Titans also 8-6. The final two games on Denver's schedule are sour, not sweet. The Broncos have the Chiefs (10-4) and the Raiders (11-3) remaining.

Despite Denver's recent struggles, Siemian, in his second NFL season, has been steady. In his last six starts, the 24-year-old has thrown for at least 258 yards. He will need two more strong starts and perhaps some help for the Broncos to make the postseason.

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