Tyngre Press

In a workout move that has earned the hashtag of #tyngrebänkpress, it is tough to figure out which part of the exercise is tougher. (Tyngre means heavy in Swedish.) Is it the guy trying to perform this unique twist on the bench press where the weight is unevenly distributed? Or is it the woman who needs remarkable balance and core strength to remain horizontal while providing the weight for the bench press? Not sure there is a right answer, but judge for yourself with two these Instagram clips:

#tyngrebänkpress @eriicaboman galet att vi klara de#mutant #gains #tyngre #gymbud

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Lite svårare bänk med grymma @esterna #tyngrebänkpress @tyngre #tyngre #bänkpress

A video posted by Fredrik Ljungman (@ljungman92) on

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