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Exercising often sounds like rocket science. There are so many rules on precisely how much of specific foods you should eat and what your workouts should be like that it’s often to get confused and overwhelmed. Studies with conflicting results are just the cherry on top of all of this overload mess.

While diet and training routine are as individual as people's movie tastes, the rules on what not to do before working out are, for the most part, common. They can be adjusted for people who are coming out of a shoulder rehab or have other pre-existing conditions, says Maurice Williams, top personal trainer, fitness coach and owner of Move Well Fitness.

Don't overstress on whether you skipped a workout today or forgot to do a certain exercise; this will not have an effect (unless you make it a habit). Do, however, stress on what you should not do before you head out to the gym. A proper pre-workout routine reduces the risk of injuries and increases the quality of you training, leaving you happy and energized.

A proper eating and drinking regimen before a workout makes a significant difference if you're actually aiming to get in shape, lose a few extra pounds or improve your cardio health. A common mistake Williams sees is people taking a protein drink when they don't need to. "If you have eaten good breakfast and lunch, you don't need to have protein drinks,” he says. “It’s OK when you haven’t had breakfast or lunch and you come in to do weightlifting exercises."

Following the rules is not an easy task. "There is too much misinformation out there," Williams says. "A lot of people also feel like they are experts just because something worked for them or their best friend."

What mentally draws people back from following simple rules for optimal results is stubbornness, Williams adds. So don't sabotage yourself and go over this list of bad habits you should lose.

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