Some of the most popular scenes in the Rocky movies are the training sequences, like running through the streets of Philadelphia and chopping wood in Siberia, and When The Bell Rings puts a real and modern twist to this. The documentary is about Dino Wells, who as a 40-year-old takes a stab at the pro boxing career that never happened during his 20s, despite being a decorated amateur champion.

As you might imagine getting into shape for any boxing match is grueling enough. Wells was trying to shake off nearly two decades of ring rust. But his perseverance is inspiring as you can see in this clip of the film.

When The Bell Rings is available on iTunes and Vimeo. It won the jury award for Best Documentary Feature at the New Orleans Film Festival.

Production of When The Bell Rings is a partnership among Artest Media Group, Bare Knuckle Media, BBF Films, Something Kreative Studios and ThePostGame.

When The Bell Rings Poster

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