This week marks MLB's quarter-point, giving us a chance to take stock. Here's the top 8 teams. 8. Indians: Pitching has been stellar but the Tribe's offense has been a disappointment so far. 7. Dodgers: The talent is surely there but so far they've been up-and-down and littered with injuries. 6. Rockies: Rockies pitchers are third in WAR. Welcome to bizarro world. 5. Cardinals: The St. Louis recipe means doing everything well and doing the little things right. 4. Orioles: Despite a negative offensive WAR and so-so pitching, they keep stacking W's. 3. Yankees: The key to vastly exceeding expectations? The maligned rotation has a 3.76 xFIP. 2. Nationals: The lineup is mashing, rotation has a 3.77 ERA, but the bullpen has been terrible. 1. Astros: Dallas Keuchel has returned to Cy Young-caliber form and the lineup is stacked (and deep). They could still use another arm.