Tom Brady

If you watched the New England Patriots upset the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football, you had some star-studded company: suspended quarterback Tom Brady was at home watching the same broadcast as you.

Brady, who is serving a suspension for the first four regular-season games this year, has been ordered to stay away from the team when it plays games. But he didn't want to blow off football entirely, so he sat at home and watched the kickoff to the NFL regular season.

"Watched a lot of football," Brady told Westwood One Radio's Jim Gray, according to The Boston Globe. "It was fun to sit on the couch and see a lot of those games from a different [perspective]. It was great to see the Patriots finish off the night with a huge win in Arizona."

Also noteworthy: Brady didn't lock into one game. Instead, he kept up on all the latest action happening around the league.

"I watched that one channel, that Red Zone channel, that captures everything," Brady said. "Pretty amazing. There's a lot to learn every week in the NFL. It was fun to watch football on Sunday. Obviously, I'd much rather be out there playing."

Meanwhile, Jimmy Garoppolo did a respectable job in his absence. Looks the Patriots will be just fine without Brady for a few more games.