Tom Brady

If you were married to a supermodel, it would be assumed that she would be in charge of all the fashion, right? Of course it would, because she's a professional and you, by comparison, are a schlub.

But Tom Brady is not a schlub. He is famous and beautiful, too. So even though his wife, Gisele Bundchen, is an internationally famous supermodel -- so much that Brazilian newspapers refer to Brady as the "Gisele Bundchen's husband" -- she apparently gives him the nod on matters of style.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Brady acknowledges that she thinks he's more stylish than her, but he shoots down the possibility, saying that he "completely disagrees."

Brady notes that she can throw anything on and it looks great on her. Not the case for him.

Brady also discusses his days of long locks, acknowledging that Gisele likes them, but also that they're a hassle because, you know, you've got to style it and put product in it.

Spoken like a true pretty boy.

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