It is one of the most mysterious plays in football history: Spider 2 Y Banana. Jon Gruden talks about it like it has the value of the Krabby Patty secret formula.

With Gruden coming back to the NFL this year with the Raiders, Spider 2 Y Banana is loose again. Tim Brown was part of the play once upon a time, playing under Gruden for the Raiders (1998-2001) and Buccaneers (2004). 

"It's really a play," Brown says. "A play that won us a lot of games too."

Brown expects Gruden to recreate the play or at least disguise it with an audible in 2018.

"It'll definitely be reincarnated, but probably with different personnel, so it doesn't matter," Brown says about revealing the contents of the play. "For us, it used to be the tight end on the right side running a banana route to the corner, the fullback to the flat and I would be coming in motion and then coming back underneath and the X receiver would be coming over the top. It was always a good 3rd-and-1, 4th-and-1 play because usually everyone is selling out to stop the run and we would usually beat people pretty badly with that play."

Football season is here, folks.

Brown talked to ThePostGame on Super Bowl Radio Row, where he and wife Sherice were working with Kay Jewelers for Valentine's Day. Kay is the official provider of the Ring of Excellence, which is given to each player upon entrance to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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