Tiger Woods

Good morning, class. Welcome to Career Day! We have a special speaker today. His job takes him around the world … well … when he was in his prime, it did. Say hello to Tiger Woods!

What a time. That's the greatest golfer in the world from say, 1995-2009, talking to a third grade class. Sam Woods just became the coolest girl in the Palm Beach-area elementary school community.

As for what Tiger said, that's a different story that we don't have answers to. Did he talk about the brand value of wearing of wearing Nike for a group of 8-year-olds? Did he talk about his perseverance at Torrey Pines in 2008? Did he reveal what he covered up during the famous Thanksgiving fight of 2009?

For now, we can only hypothesize what advice a 40-year-old injured Tiger Woods gave children on Career Day. Of course, he followed up that appearance with a much bigger reveal: He has plans to make his PGA Tour comeback later this season.

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