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FX's The People vs. O.J. Simpson has all of cable-ready America reflecting on what we've lost. Our innocence. A belief in the justice system. Our ability to enjoy Naked Gun without seething guilt.

Another nostalgic loss would be the art of the "dating show." It's been roughly a decade since programs like Elimidate and Blind Date dotted the syndication landscape. Depending on your millennial bonafides (or lack thereof) maybe Singled Out was more your speed.

But if you think back all the way to the pre-O.J. era -- a time when men were men, and Kato Kaelin was just the star of Beach Fever -- the dating show du jour was Fox's STUDS (all CAPS, trust me).

STUDS ran for three seasons on Fox -- most certainly pitched as "Love Connection for the 90210 crowd" -- and featured one young "stud" known as Ronald Lyle Goldman, the man killed alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

After making sure to coordinate light denim-colored button-downs with fellow contestant "Anthony", Ron proceeded to find some short-term success on the program -- matching with STUD-lerette "Diane." The above clip gives a touch of insight into young squire Goldman before he met his tragic end. The original air date, according to the YouTube description, was January 20, 1992.

Take a look to see which early-90s celebrity Ron gets mistaken for over the phone and what his idea of the perfect date is. (Hint: It doesn't involve clothing.)

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