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Nearly 25 years ago, Peyton Manning was drawing attention as a quarterback. Back then, though, he was known first and foremost as the son of Archie Manning. And Peyton was just a snot-nosed kid trying to make it at the high school level.

My, how things have changed. That's what makes this throwback interview from 1991 so amazing: Even at 15, Peyton is still Peyton.

While the news segment features the entire Manning family, it's impossible to ignore Peyton's laser-eye seriousness. You quickly get a sense that while he's trying to stay humble, he's every bit the competitive maniac that will one day become one of the all-time greats.

It's must-see TV.

"I'm just trying to stick with it," Peyton says of playing the quarterback position. As a sophomore, he was throwing passes to his older brother, Cooper, who was a senior in high school.

The best part of the video comes at the end, when the broadcaster tells everyone to watch out: "The youngest brother, Elijah, is just 10 years old and already the quarterback of his flag football team."

We can only hope there's video of that, too.

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