Kel Mitchell is still hilarious and still knows the words to the Orange Soda Rap.

The PostGame caught up with the Nickelodeon legend, who starred in All That and Kenan & Kel in the 90s.

"I think when we started, all of us, even the producers, we didn't know how crazy it was going to blow up," Mitchell reminisced on his teenage career. "It's been awesome. I love when people come up and say man, you were a part of my childhood."

Mitchell, 37, now stars in Game Shakers, a live-action sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon this past September. He and Kenan Thompson spent five seasons on the Golden Era of All That and Kenan & Kel lasted four seasons. In 2003, Thompson joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Mitchell has spent the past decade touring the world with his stand-up routine.

No matter what the duo does, Kenan & Kel and All That will always be the first thing that resonates for Thompson and Mitchell fans. These fans may be pleased to know although Kenan and Kel were teens for much of their Nickelodeon reign, they were not just the product of scripts.

"We'd film it the way it was written out," Mitchell says of All That. "We'd get one or two takes, and after that, they were like just go crazy. If you watched All That, Coach Kreeton, I would just tear the place up. They would let me do it, in terms of improving.

Kel lists his favorite characters as Coach Kreeton and Ed, his role in the All That skit and 1997 movie Good Burger.

Mitchell and Thompson recently rekindled their acting chemistry during a Good Burger skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"I'm a fan of Jimmy Fallon, so that was crazy," Mitchell says. "Me and Kenan, we've stayed in touch, but working together, it's been a while. It was real emotional. We were backstage like wow, this is nuts because we were in the suit. I remember seeing the wig and it was like whaaaaat. Then he had the Lester Oakes thing. It was just fun."

Mitchell, who was in San Francisco in advance of the Super Bowl to promote the NFL's flag football competition for kids, says he texts Thompson frequently. Just before the interview, he was communicating with Thompson about seeing his former co-star on an upcoming trip to New York City.

The two are not about to wreak havoc in Rigby's. They are tamer now.

"We've both had kids now too, so we're like two dads, so we just kind of talk about that," Mitchell says with a laugh.

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