Jerome Lane

January 25, 1988: The phrase "Send it in, Jerome!" becomes part of sports vernacular, thanks to Bill Raftery.

About five minutes into the first half of Pitt's game against Providence, Panthers star Jerome Lane unleashed one of the most memorable dunks in college basketball. Lane tore down the rim and shattered the glass, prompting Rafterty's now immortal call of "Send it in, Jerome!"

January 25, 1988 - Jerome Lane

28 years ago today, history was made...SEND IT IN, JEROME!

Posted by Pitt Panthers on Monday, January 25, 2016

Lane, a 6-6 forward who had led the NCAA in rebounding the previous season as a sophomore, played five NBA seasons. Two things worth noticing in the video:

-- The point guard who sets up Lane on the fast break is Sean Miller, now better known as Arizona's coach.
-- Just before Raftery's exclamation, Lane does a double high-five in celebration with teammate Charles Smith. Five years later (and beyond) Knicks fans wonder why Smith couldn't channel his inner Jerome and send it in against the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals:

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