Odell Beckham Jr.

One year ago today, a budding NFL star named Odell Beckham Jr. broadened the spectrum of what's possible on the football field. Early in the second quarter against Dallas, Giants quarterback Eli Manning connected with Beckham in the most jaw-dropping of ways:

That catch more or less turned Beckham into an overnight star, and one year later, we're just as unable to make sense of how he did it. Sports is home to its fair share of hyperbole, but it's hard to overstate Beckham's brilliance on that play -- not even Cris Collinsworth's repeated insistence of that catch being the greatest of all time fails properly capture the moment itself.

If only Sir Isaac Newton were around to see OBJ bend those laws of physics for his own personal gain. We may not know how he managed to haul in that pass, but we do know this: No one's topping that catch anytime soon.

To Beckham's credit, he continues to practice one-handed snags, even at the Pro Bowl:

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