TaylorMade, Samsung

TaylorMade and Samsung are innovative in their own ways. TaylorMade focuses on golf clubs, providing equipment to Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day, among others. Samsung develops digital technology.

The two have joined forces for an app intended to make golfers smarter. TaylorMade's myRoundPro app is a statistical analysis platform that uses Samsung Gear to track data. In short, the app allows players to log shots by club, now using GPS technology to track distances on a Samsung Gear S3 watch or Gear Fit2 Pro fitness band. The app also works as an Android application. In theory, players can use the data to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their game, which may not be evident by the naked eye.

TaylorMade released the myRoundPro version with Samsung Gear devices on Sept. 27, but I had a chance to give it a try one day earlier. Some observations:

-- If you like hyper-analyzing your golf skills, this is ideal. On the course, the app allows you to use GPS to view distances to and from different spots on any hole. With the watch feature, the quick glance (for distance to the hole is seamless).

-- You might actually spend more time analyzing your data than playing golf if you really get into it. The app allows users to study the strength of clubs, strokes gained by type of shot, shots missed left or right and a multitude of other layers of golf.

-- Don't stress about putting. The app only requires users to insert rough estimates of location and amount of putts. This can be done after finishing a hole. Personally, I was worried about inserting a bunch of putts while playing a hole, but the app is ahead of the game and is designed for you to calmly input the information after cooling off from a bad three-putt. The app's main focus is on woods and irons.

A non-Android myRoundPro app is also available but lacks certain capabilities present on the Android app.

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