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Suns Gorilla

For a year, the United States has rallied around Harambe. And rightfully so. That fallen hero gorilla was killed unjustly.

But as a society, we must admit when we are wrong. For the past ten months, we have forgotten to give attention to the previously most famous gorilla in America: The Suns Gorilla mascot.

On Tuesday evening, Suns Gorilla returned to the spotlight. During the fourth quarter of the Suns' home game against the Wizards, the mascot slid onto the court of play and scampered off quickly.

This moment left Twitter confused. Why would this experienced mascot, known for its high-flying dunks, put itself at risk of affecting the game?




As viewers further scrutinized the clip, it became evident Suns Gorilla was well aware of the situation. He was actually making an admirable attempt to clear the court of a foreign object (some sort of rogue drumstick).




The Suns confirmed their mascot's heroism.

And the video edits flooded Twitter.

The answer is hero. Suns Gorilla is a hero and we're sorry we didn't give you attention for a year. You've won over our hearts again.

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