Pete Carroll

The Seahawks, with their dark blue and bright green, have one of the trendiest looks in the NFL. But Pete Carroll's footwear has lagged behind. As of Monday, Carroll was still going with the 90s Dad-Nikes. But this week he's testing out an updated model.

WHAT ARE THOSE? Well, he calls the old kicks, "Air Paternos."

As for the new sneakers, the mostly plain whites do not blow the roof off, but at least the crusty old leather is gone. This is a fresher look. Carroll looks good in low tops.

After getting some response on Instagram and Twitter, Carroll made a big life decision. He will start wearing one sneaker from each pair.

Appreciate all your feedback on the shoes! Based on the input, I think I'll go with one of each...

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It's a start, Pete. Even at 64, it's not too late to be cool.

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