Since coming to the United States as an 18-year-old in 2010 to pursue a modeling career, Nina Agdal has made Denmark proud. In 2012, she was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year, and by 2014, she was on the cover. She appeared in her fifth issue this year. ThePostGame sat down with Agdal, now 24 and a spokeswoman for New Era Cap, to talk about Denmark's hot dogs, how to wear hats, misconceptions of being a model and more.

Nina Agdal

ThePostGame: Growing up in Denmark, did you know what the SI Swimsuit Issue was?
NINA AGDAL: To be honest, I didn't. I had no clue. When I got over here, I didn't know what a big deal it was or how iconic it was to be in it. Now, I get it, but back in Denmark, it's not something you really know about. I hope the Danish people know about it now too because I want to represent.

TPG: Have you heard back from people in Denmark that sales are up?
AGDAL: They're just like, "Where can we get it? How do we get it?" Because they follow me on Instagram and they see that it's out, but it doesn't come to Denmark for a little bit or I have to bring it back with me, so I normally just get a bunch of boxes and take it back home with me.

TPG: How often do you go home?
AGDAL: Not often enough. Last year, I was back four times, but that was only because I was working in Europe and could just go back, but I haven't been back since about September.

Nina Agdal Photo Shoot

TPG: What's your favorite part about Denmark?
AGDAL: Their hot dogs.

AGDAL: I swear to you. They have the best hot dogs in the entire world.

TPG: What are they called in Denmark?
AGDAL: Fransk hotdog.

AGDAL: It's basically the same, but with a Danish accent on it.

TPG: Supermodel or swimsuit model, what do you prefer?
AGDAL: Personality.

TPG: That's starting a movement.
AGDAL: Yeah, definitely that.

TPG: What is the most common misconception about being a model?
AGDAL: That it's easy. It's not easy. You spend a lot of time by yourself. It can get really lonely. You have to leave your family and the people you love all the time. People think that models don't eat. We do eat. Or at least I do. I just work really hard to stay in shape.

Nina Agdal Angels

TPG: What's your favorite food?
AGDAL: A Danish hot dog or a good burger.

TPG: What are you favorite sports?
AGDAL: Well, soccer because I grew up with soccer. Besides that, basketball.

TPG: What athlete have you enjoyed meeting the most?
AGDAL: I think Dwyane Wade is really a wonderful guy. I really want to meet [Stephen] Curry though because I feel like he's going to be super awesome. LeBron James is one of my favorite people, so I got to include him too.

TPG: Are you good at basketball?
AGDAL: I'm pretty good. I played for like six years. I'm a really good shooter, three-point shooter. I'm good at defense. Dribbling, not so much.

TPG: With all due respect to Lily Aldridge, would you have rather John Legend been on the 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue cover between you and Chrissy [Teigen]?
AGDAL: No! No. Never. Lily's my girl. John is doing his thing and he's killing it. He should get his solo cover if anything.

TPG: Have you hung out with him a little bit?
AGDAL: Not much. He always comes out for the launch, but they're always so busy. [He and Chrissy are a] crazy power couple that's always doing something.

Nina Agdal Lily Aldridge Chrissy Teigen

TPG: Who's your model idol?
AGDAL: Heidi Klum really created something for herself. She is a personality, a model, an entrepreneur, she has a TV show, she's a designer, she's doing a lot of great things. I think she's pretty smart.

TPG: What's your long-term goal?
AGDAL: I just want a big house with a lot of kids and a lot of dogs and financial freedom to do whatever I want.

TPG: What do you enjoy most about New Era?
AGDAL: The whole team behind it. They're all really cool and creative and a good mix of young and different personalities. I just love their hats. I've always been wearing them. I love their snapbacks. It just made sense to partner up with them.

TPG: Did you wear hats a lot before partnering with New Era?
AGDAL: I did. There's several pictures of me in hats I didn't even realize was New Era. That's just the one I always wear. Then I was like oh yeah, we're totally teaming up. It's perfect. I've been wearing hats forever. I have like a hat head. I don't know why. New Era, they're my peeps.

Oh, yeah. This happened:

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