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Some companies give watches or plaques for 20 years of service.

When you win the Los Angeles Lakers five championships, you get a different sort of gift: A diamond-crusted retirement ring designed as an homage to your career.

On the day of his retirement, Lakers owner Jeanie gave both Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, with stunning rings that you can probably see from space:

In total, the ring features nearly five carats of solid diamonds on a ring made of white and yellow gold.

Here's a closer look, from the designer who made the ring:

Each ring features five large diamonds, which represent the five championships Bryant brought the organization, along with 20 smaller diamonds -- one for each year he played with the team.

Other personal touches to the ring include his name, his two jersey numbers over the years -- 8 and 24 -- and a snake skin etching referring to his nickname, Black Mamba.

Not as awesome as a title ring, but it'll do.

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