Crying Michael Jordan Meme

The Crying Michael Jordan meme has to fizzle out eventually, right? I mean, Angry Birds eventually died. The Internet moves fast.

Or maybe not. Maybe the Crying Jordan meme is only being taken to the next level. Two artists, or should we say geniuses, Sherman Winfield and Andrew Weiss have started a project called "Crying Kicks." The duo is taking Air Jordan sneakers and planting the Crying Jordan meme right on the tonight.


Crying Michael Jordan Meme Sneakers

Crying Michael Jordan Meme

So much for being the GOAT. The Air Jordan VIIIs is now the Air Crying Jordan I. According to Weiss, who was reached by email, the artists removed the original patch and sewed on a custom Crying Michael Jordan patch. "We both work in advertising and knew this was a great way explore our passion for sneakers, pop culture and real-time content," Weiss says.

Crying Kicks even puts some Jordan tears on the inside.

Crying Michael Jordan Meme Inside

Weiss says he and Winfield are not selling Crying Kicks sneakers at the moment. The duo has started a website, email, Twitter and Instagram.

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