Stephen Curry, Riley Curry, Ryan Curry

Stephen Curry's skills are freaky good. One could say they're downright scary.

But perhaps not as scary good as Curry's doppelgänger wax figure now on display at Madame Tussauds San Francisco.

According to Fox Sports, the figure is valued at $350,000. Artists and sculptors spent roughly four months on the project, taking 250 measurements along the way. Curry's features are logged down to his wrist tattoos, Under Armour sneakers and knee sleeves. Curry noted his goatee is a little different on the wax figure, saying it is last year's style.

"The whole process from posing for like four, three hours at that position I got a lot of quad work while they did all the measurements," Curry added.

The pictures (many of which include Riley) are priceless:

but first...

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And here is Curry with the savage face swap:

P.S. When does Riley get her own wax figure?

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