The Air Jordan II release was the first time Michael Jordan went back-to-back. After a successful Air Jordan 1 run in 1984, a second pair on the Air Jordan line was produced in 1986.

On March 5, the Jordan Brand will revive the Air Jordan II with the "Wing It" model. The AJ II "Wing It" includes wings on the heels and pays tribute to the original 1986 ad campaign, which features Jordan effortlessly flying through the air (see video above).

Three decades since the Air Jordan II release, the Jordan Brand has unveiled 30 models. But even in 2016, the AJ II maintains it clean look and thick padding.

The AJ II "Wing It" is part of the Jordan Brand Spring 2016 Legacy Shoe Collection. Along with the Air Jordan II, a remake of the Air Jordan XII, which is celebrating its 20-year anniversary, will headline "The Poster Collection."

Air Jordan II Wing It Front

Air Jordan II Wing It Back

Air Jordan II Wing It Side

Air Jordan II Bottom

And here's a look at how not to wear the Air Jordan II "Wing It":

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