U.S. Soccer updated its team crest for the first time in 21 years, and the general consensus is excitement and relief. The new crest is sleek, simple and bold, and it's drawing plenty of praise from players, who have been active on social media expressing their happiness with the new design.

The new crest will be used by both men's and women's national teams, with one difference: The women's side will feature three stars above the top of the crest, which traditionally represent the team's three World Cup championships.

Loving the new clean crest! #onenationoneteam

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The crest is cool, yes. Most soccer fans will be thrilled to see that ugly, dated soccer ball jettisoned from the design, and this version does a great job of incorporating the national flag design and colors into a team crest.

But something much cooler has come out of this: The new Team USA scarves.

Sign me up for one of those scarves. Today's soccer news is a hat trick of delights: Out with the old, in with the new, and an awesome new supporters' scarf to throw around my neck.

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