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Actress Madison Pettis expanded her talents to football fashion this season. The star of The Game Plan, Cory in the House and Jake and the Never Land Pirates designed her own shirt for Super Bowl 50. On Sunday night, she hosted a performance by Kalin and Myles. Texans may be disappointed to find the Dallas native is a fan of Bill Belichick's Evil Empire.

ThePostGame: Why are you in San Francisco for Super Bowl week?
MADISON PETTIS: I'm the NFL junior brand ambassador. I designed five different shirts and fans got to decide on Instagram which one was their favorite and which one we should design. They chose this one.

TPG: Why this one?
PETTIS: I don't know. It was the first one I designed. I was so invested in all five shirts. I didn't know which one was going to win. I think this design was just simple. No sparkles or glitter or big logos. People just want simple.

TPG: There's a lot of black and gold on everything for Super Bowl 50. Why did you do all silver?
PETTIS: I wear a lot of gray and black and I think my wardrobe is minimalistic and everything can just match with each other, so that's what I tried here. People could suit their own personal style and wear whatever they want with it.

TPG: So correct my fashion inexperience. Is that darker color, black or gray?
PETTIS: (Laughs) The shirt is dark gray and light gray.

TPG: What is your favorite football team?
PETTIS: Patriots.

TPG: Why? You were born in [Arlington,] Texas.
PETTIS: (Laughs) I'm a Cowboys fan too, but the Patriots are my favorite. When I filmed The Game Plan, I played The Rock's daughter, and we filmed at Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play. That was like ten years ago. So my love for the Patriots started there.

TPG: Have you ever met Tom Brady?
PETTIS: No. I wish.

TPG: Do you have a favorite Patriot?
PETTIS: Yeah, Tom is. I also like Julian Edelman, who is the NFL men's fashion ambassador.

Have you met Julian?
PETTIS: No, I wish.

TPG: If you met Tom Brady, what would you say to him?
PETTIS: I don't know. I want to meet him, Gisele [Bündchen] and the kids and see their whole family. Their whole family is just so cute.

TPG: You live in Los Angeles. There's an NFL team, the Rams, moving to L.A. Does that mean anything to you?
PETTIS: I'm really excited about that. We have basketball, baseball, we have everything. It'll be really fun to have a football team and actually go and experience that.

#TheGamePlan on Disney Channel right now!! Tell me your fave part of the movie

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TPG: You mentioned The Rock. What was it like working with him and did he tell you about his college football playing days [at the University of Miami]?
PETTIS: No, he didn't! I had no idea who he was. I was only 8. I wasn't watching wrestling or anything like that. He was funny. All the crew members on set were obsessed with him and he was always swearing with them and having to put a dollar in the swear jar for me because I was 8 years old. It was fun working with him. He was kind of like a dad on and off the screen.

TPG: What else is going on with you outside of designing Super Bowl clothes?
PETTIS: I just wrapped a movie last month called Late Bloomer that will come out some time this year. I'm not sure when. I'm working on an animated show on Disney Channel called The Lion Guard, which is sort of a continue of The Lion King movie.

TPG: Do you have a Super Bowl pick?
PETTIS: Broncos! I'm rooting for Peyton [Manning].

Note: Pettis' shirt is already sold out online, but it can be found at the NFL Shop at Super Bowl in San Francisco.

It's SOLD OUT!! Wow in just 5 days! Thanks to everyone who bought the shirt I designed for SuperBowl 50! ily

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