Leggings Trick

Today in useless, mindless fun: There's someone out there, living among us, who can slip into a pair of leggings using nothing but his legs and some saucy hip action.

In a video posted to Facebook, the young man never once touches his pants as he takes them from crumpled up and lying on the ground to snugly fitting all the way up to his hips.

This is the kind of stuntwork that lost Hansel his walk-off to Zoolander.

How to put on leggings

Is this how you put on your leggings? Leggings goals! Perfect workout.

Posted by Wild & Roaming on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let's face it: You've never wondered how to put on leggings without using your hands. So unless you suffer a traumatic injury in the near future, this trick ranks up there with double-jointedness and balancing a spoon on your nose for seven minutes.

That is to say, it won't get you hired if you pull it out in a job interview. But it'll make you a great hit at parties. And, nowadays, it'll get you a small slice of Internet fame.

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