Robert Griffin III Jerseys

Robert Griffin III has had a weird NFL existence. He was a Pro Bowler, then an average quarterback, then a bad quarterback, then a scout-team safety, then an afterthought. Now, he's a guy who cheers on the sidelines in performance apparel.

Griffin fans are weird, too. Especially the ones in Cowboys jerseys.

This is weird. But things only got weirder.

Original reports referred to the two fans as Griffin's parents, but Griffin was quick to deny such accusations after the game.

It appears he knows the Cowboys fans in these one-of-a-kind uniforms. Still, it's a strange way for him to find himself back making headlines -- he's currently riding the pine while his replacement, Kirk Cousins, quarterbacks Washington into a first-round playoff matchup with Green Bay.

Could RGIII headed to Dallas? There's an argument in support of such a move. Griffin could step in as Tony Romo's eventual successor, and he'd get two cracks every year to exact his revenge on the Redskins. It would also be a homecoming of sorts: Griffin spent most of his childhood in Copperas Cove, Texas, and attended Baylor University in Waco.

Meanwhile, Albert Haynesworth, whose career bottomed-out during his tenure with Washington, used the image as a means of taunting the franchise.

Laugh all you want, Albert, but Washington is in the playoffs -- and Griffin had nothing to do with it.

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