Denver Nuggets

Well, this is awkward. Someone posted a white Denver Nuggets hat to the team's official merchanise sold in the NBA Store, but its product listing is drawing sharp criticism.

Why? Oh, just the decision to name the headwear a "White Pride" hat. The full listing called it a "Men's Denver Nuggets adidas White Pride Slouch Adjustable Hat."

Someone has since gone in to change the name to a "Men's adidas White Denver Nuggets Pride Slouch Adjustable Hat." Sneaky move there, separating the words white and pride. It's almost like this hat was never given a cringe-worthy connotation.

White Pride Hat

Fortunately, we all know better. And while the hat's name is surely unfortunate and accidental, and the concept of "team pride" is pervasive throughout sports, the laws of nature dictate that when you commit such errors, you are subject to the shame of public mockery.

The Nuggets haven't commented on the hat yet. In the meantime, if you need a late Christmas gift for that racist Nuggets fan in your family who's always super hard to shop for, this is probably a slam dunk. Plus, the hat is adjustable -- one size fits most.

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