George Costanza and Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather turned up in Russia on Thursday looking as ridiculous as ever. A Las Vegas resident, Mayweather smartly decided he needed a good coat for his trip to the old country.

He didn't skimp on his duds: What he wore off the plane in Russia looks like the furry hide of a zebra-tiger hybrid, proud to have lived so that it could be killed and donned on an undefeated boxer.

We're very fortunate that someone with a Twitter account was on-hand to make the world a witness:

We don't read Russian, but we're pretty sure the hashtag "#misterbig" tells us everything we need to know about this civilian's take on Mayweather.

And while his audacious hat is noteworthy, it's answered loudly by similar headwear from recent pop culture history. Look at the side-by-side and answer for yourself: Who wears that Russian hat better, Floyd Mayweather or Seinfeld's George Costanza?

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