Money Manziel

After a two-game benching, Johnny Manziel returned as Cleveland's starting quarterback on Sunday. It should surprise no one that he returned to his old ways before even taking a snap.

During warm-ups, a Browns fan leaned over the wall with a $100 bill, which Manziel signed without hesitation.

He signed the bill with his nickname, "Money Manziel," as shown by Browns fan Kyle Horner, the mastermind behind this endeavor.

This is a repeating pattern for Johnny Football, the same man who spent 10 weeks in rehab this summer before returning to his partying ways mid-season. He was also muddled in an alleged domestic violence incident early this season.

And on Sunday, he was signing $100 bills, "Money Manziel."

Things worked out on the field, though: Manziel had his way with the 49ers defense, going 21-for-31 for 270 yards and a touchdown pass. The Browns won, 24-10, the team's first win since Oct. 11.

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