Everyone's having fun on Back To The Future Day. It's the exact date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to the future, which is lending itself to numerous comparisons of real life to how it was imagined decades ago.

Earlier this year, Nike got in on the fun by announcing the development of "Back To The Future" shoes, which are modeled exactly after the fancy footwear seen in the show.

Just before Kansas City's Game 5 matchup Wednesday with the Toronto Blue Jays, Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie got in on the fun by wearing his own iconic pair.

Michael J. Fox was gifted his own pair, and a limited number were made available as a special edition item.

Guthrie wasn't pitching Wednesday, so he can be forgiven for being a little preoccupied with what amounts to a pop culture holiday. After all, Back To The Future Day only comes once, and he was ready for this ever since Nike's announcement:

Never imagined wearing shoes in 2015 would require so much prep. #ChargingStation #WeHereFinally

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