Man U Jacket Ad

Adidas made a huge soccer splash this summer, reeling in Manchester United. The brand will pay The Red Devils $1.3 billion over ten years. Nike was the official provider of Manchester United merchandise for the previous 13 seasons.

Adidas is giddy to roll out its new Man U designs, especially on the retro end. Apparently, the brand is too excited. An online listing of a throwback track jacket was overshadowed by the model's pants.

London club Chelsea F.C. is one of Manchester United's chief rivals. The two clubs used to be rivals on the brand end too, as Chelsea has been with Adidas since 2006.

This Adidas model forgot to take off his Chelsea pants, and the soccer world took notice. Manchester United fans feel uneasy seeing any shade of blue near the club's trademark red.

That said, the blue Chelsea throwback sweatpants are pretty sweet.

In July, Forbes valued Manchester United at $3.10 billion, good for fifth in the world behind Real Madrid, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and Barcelona. Chelsea was ranked 31st at $1.37 billion.

In May, Adidas was ranked the 83rd most valuable brand in the world at $17.1 billion. All the money in the world will not saved Manchester United fans the embarrassment of seeing their gear advertised with Chelsea apparel. For reference, here is a look at Man U's Adidas kits via Facebook.

Manchester United Kits

The mistake on the $85 listing was eventually taken down.

American fans, imagine a Yankees jersey with Red Sox pants or a UNC jersey with Duke shorts or an Ohio State jersey with a winged Michigan helmet. It would feel fairly weird.

In other Adidas news, the brand delivered a whole truck load of shoes to James Harden's house two weeks ago. The NBA star left Nike to sign a 13-year, $200 million deal with Adidas.

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