Jacob deGrom

Faulkner (or Hemingway or Stephen King) said you should kill your darlings, and that's what Jacob deGrom is doing: After the World Series, the Mets star is chopping his beautiful, flowing New York locks.

At Tuesday's media session, deGrom was asked to compare his own impressive hair to that of Kansas City's Johnny Cueto. Cueto and deGrom will face off in Game 2 of the World Series. deGrom deferred to his opponent, if only because his hair has an expiration date.

"I think mine is gone at the end of the year, so I'll give that award to him," deGrom said. "It's driving me nuts. I've got to get rid of it."

Which is sad news for the rest of us, because long-hairs who can throw shutouts are a rare sight. Plus, deGrom's hair has so much volume that it seems a crime he doesn't already have an endorsement deal signed with a major shampoo and conditioner label. So it's with a wince and a shake of the head that we bid a reluctant farewell to deGrom's hair, although we still have the World Series to enjoy his unique look. In the meantime, let's have a little fun test-driving potential new cuts for the pitcher:

Jacob deGrom Hair Styles


Cue Ball

A full shave might be extreme, but it does offer the luxury of minimal maintenance.


Statement Style

deGrom still looking to distinguish himself? The mohawk will be hidden under the baseball cap, but we'll know it's there.


Pompadour circumstance

Trendy yet classy, this look lets deGrom maintain at least a little length. And if he's looking to tap the athlete modeling market, this might be the way to go.



It's clean and tight, but it does seem a little bland -- perhaps a little too middle-of-the-road for deGrom.


Looks good on somebody else

In a different time, on a different personality, maybe this hair would make sense. But for deGrom, in 2015, it seems a little bit behind the curve. Raiders owner Mark Davis would approve, though.


The Keith Urban

Great hair if you want to look like an Australian country music star. Otherwise, tread carefully.


Blowing in the wind

Another great haircut if deGrom wants to replacement his wild 'do with a little refinement and style. This definitely puts him on the pretty boy track, for better or for worse.


Military cut

Vietnam vets may celebrate deGrom shedding his long hair for a high-and-tight crop, but this one just doesn't fit the bill.


Color and perm

Extreme, yes, but it's not the wildest option you'll find here.


Alt rock band, circa 1999

Here's a haircut that says a lot: namely, that you play drums for a punk rock band, or you're auditioning to play the Joker. deGrom fits neither scenario -- as far as we know, anyway.


More hair gel, please

Can we get a little more haircut to go with that styling product? At least this helmet of hair provides deGrom good coverage in case of hail.


Hair that combs itself

One plus: hat hair is never an issue.


Keeping the classic look

Maybe we're fighting a losing battle, but we're pretty big fans of deGrom's hair as it is.

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