Brandon Kelman, Stephen Curry

A 14-year-old boy who wasn't expected to walk because of seizures he suffered as an infant just had a chance to shoot baskets with Stephen Curry.

Brandon Kelman hadn't been a sports fan until his younger brother, Jack, showed him videos of Curry nailing shots from halfcourt and beyond. Brandon quickly became fixated with Curry and then told his dad that he wanted to learn how to shoot a basketball too. After that, Brandon said he wanted to meet Curry.

"Might as well tell me, 'I want to meet Barack Obama,'" his mom, Georgianna Junco-Kelman, told KTVU. "I went on this mission to have him meet his hero. ... Long story short, I was connected to the Warriors, and here we are."

Check out the all details of this amazing story by reporter Scott Reiss on or in the video below: