Stephen Colbert, Chicago Cubs

Forgive Stephen Colbert if he's a little crazy right now. He can't help it -- he's a Chicago Cubs fan. And at the All-Star break, his Cubs appear to have as good of a chance as they've ever had to break their 107-season World Series drought.

But having the best odds in Major League Baseball isn't enough. Colbert knows that when you're trying to get that monkey off your back, you need more than skill to succeed. You need a little luck, too.

And in this scene from "Late Night With Stephen Colbert," the TV host is desperate for all the luck he can get -- and he's brought in three Cubs to help him channel the good vibes.

Not only does Colbert rub a rabbit's foot, and his lucky horseshoe, but he also works over Cubs stars Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo, desperate for every last drop of good fortunes he can muster.

The players do a good job of keeping straight faces while Colbert indulges his superstitious side. But you know what? They don't know Colbert's pain. They can't judge. All they can do is go out there and try to win a remedy.

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