Sports Crate

Clayton Kershaw, Masahiro Tanaka, Noah Syndergaard

Loot Crate, a fan-commerce platform known for its gift boxes of clothes, figurines and accessories, is launching a Sports Crate line Wednesday. For the subsection's first piece of business, Sports Crate is partnering with MLB and MLBPA to provide exclusive apparel, collectibles and experiences to fans. Sports Crate runs a subscription service, with new products and VIP opportunities coming roughly every 30 days.

For the first month, Sports Crate is offering packages featuring 10 MLB teams. More teams will be added as the season progresses. Part of each team's initial package includes an action figure. ThePostGame has an exclusive peek at the 10 figurines -- all pitchers.

From young (Noah Syndergaard) to old (Adam Wainwright), these guys are realistic. Who says grown-ups can't play with action figures?

Jon Lester

Sports Crate Jon Lester

The three-time World Series champion.

Clayton Kershaw

Sports Crate Clayton Kershaw

The scariest arm in the game.

Noah Syndergaard

Sports Crate Noah Syndergaard


Rick Porcello

Sports Crate Rick Porcello

The reigning AL Cy Young Award winner.

Adam Wainwright

Sports Crate Adam Wainwright

The crafty veteran.

Justin Verlander

Sports Crate Justin Verlander

Still flame-throwing.

Madison Bumgarner

Sports Crate Madison Bumgarner

Young Hickory.

Masahiro Tanaka

Sports Crate Masahiro Tanaka

New York's hiro.

Cole Hamels

Sports Crate Cole Hamels

Now comfortable in Texas colors.

Danny Duffy

Sports Crate Danny Duffy

On the rise.

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