Simone Biles helped the United States win the Olympic gold medal in women's gymnastics Tuesday in record-setting fashion, and she is expected to add plenty of individual hardware in Rio as well. Already regarded by some as the greatest female gymnast ever, Biles discovered the sport totally by accident.

As her mom, Nellie, says, it was a case of bad weather prompting a change of plans.

Simone was 6 when she was scheduled to go on a field trip to a farm. But it rained, so an indoor alternative was needed.

That turned out to be a gym.

Simone Biles

Simone came home with a note from the gym. It was an invitation to return for either gymnastics or cheerleading.

She chose gymnastics. But before saying the rest is history, it is worth noting that Simone didn't dominate early in her career.

In fact, regarding her daughter's first few years in the sport, Nellie says, "I was never impressed with Simone's gymnastics."

But Simone had the dedication to stay with it, and is now celebrated as a late bloomer.

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