A baseball game hosted by the State College Spikes suffered an unplanned interruption Thursday night, all thanks to a sheep running wild on the field.

The sheep apparently broke loose from handlers and made it out onto the outfield, where it went for a lovely run as players and fans watched and laughed.

The broadcasters also cracked up:

Why was a sheep at the ballpark, you ask? According to Sporting News, it was part of an intermission entertainment act that featured a cowboy monkey:

"The Spikes booked Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey to perform between innings. Whiplash's entourage included a couple of Barbados sheep and one of them escaped."

So, to recap: A member of a cowboy monkey's entourage, which happened to be a horned sheep, eluded handlers and broke loose onto the outfield at a minor-league baseball game, where even the announcers couldn't hold back from commentating on just how perfectly this disaster of field and animal management suited the experience of attending a minor-league baseball game.

That's some poetry.

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