Shawn Johnson

You know Shawn Johnson as a world-class gymnast, a four-time Olympic medalist, "Dancing With The Stars" champion and one of those charming types graced with the title of America's Sweetheart.

But how well do you really know her? We caught up with Johnson, who took gold on the balance beam in 2008, earlier this summer and hit her with a barrage of questions ranging from her favorite music to her morning routine. One of her responses involves Bob Costas and a toilet. Check it out:

Shawn Johnson:>

-- The band I listen to but don't tell anyone about would probably be The Cheetah Girls.

-- The best advice I ever received was to have fun and dream big.

-- The best movie of all time is A Walk to Remember; I watch that one all the time. Or Miracle, I used to watch that before every competition.

-- The best part about being an Olympian is being able to go to the Olympics.

Shawn Johnson

-- My biggest fear is bees and wasps. They're terrifying.

-- My biggest superstition is I knock on wood a lot if I jinxed myself. If I don't have wood, I'll knock on my forehead.

-- My all-time celebrity crush would be Ryan Gosling.

-- When I was a kid, I collected state quarters. I collected them all.

-- If I could compete against any athlete ever, in my sport, it would be Mary Lou Retton, but she would win because she is amazing.

-- My ideal date night would be staying in and building a fort.

-- My most embarrassing moment would definitely be at the 2008 Olympics, when I dropped my cell phone in Bob Costas' personal toilet and didn't tell anybody, and then his janitor found it and came out in the middle of the set and said, "Bob, we found your cell phone," and I said, "That's actually mine." That was pretty embarrassing.

Shawn Johnson

-- The first dog [my family] ever had was Dude. He was a golden retriever and the next one was Tucker. We had cats. Kitty was the first one and Verne was the next one, and Max. Joey was a little dog and Rosie was a fish. And Nash is my dog now.

-- Favorite Olympic moment would be walking through closing ceremonies. That was probably the most iconic and neatest moment I got to experience, besides being on the podium.

-- My favorite person I follow on Twitter is Chrissy Teigen.

-- My first car was a 1986 Jeep Cherokee. It was my neighbors' that they sold us.

-- I love to bake, and I'm pretty good at it.

-- My best Halloween costume was Hannah Montana.

-- True or false, have I had an imaginary friend? Yes, true. When I was little.

-- Kittens or puppies? Puppies for sure. I am a sucker for puppies. I would take every puppy on the face of the earth.

Shawn Johnson

-- My most memorable moment in competition was winning the gold medal at the Olympics.

-- What is your morning ritual? I wake up every morning, walk downstairs, walk my dog and feed him. I make coffee and watch TV like the morning news.

-- My nickname is Peanut because Marta Karolyi gave it to me when I made the national team and it just seemed to stick.

-- If I were not an Olympic athlete, I would be a doctor that was my life goal and dream before I became a gymnast.

-- The moment I knew I had what it took to be an Olympian: I don't know if I ever really did. I guess it would be when I was standing on the podium when I got the gold medal, and I was like, 'Wow, I guess I'm pretty good.'

-- The Olympian I really want to meet is Yao Ming, because at the 2008 Olympics I ran into him but didn't get to meet him because I was too short. So I think it would be really cool to meet him.

-- My perfect PB&J would be with gluten free bread with peanut butter and strawberry jelly, cut diagonally. No crust, I don't like crust.

-- The song that gets me pumped before competition: I listened to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" before every competition. That's another embarrassing one.

-- My first stuffed animal was a dog and I didn't name it anything. I was more of a blanket person.

-- The weirdest thing I've seen in competition was wardrobe malfunctions.

-- If I could have a super power it would be to fly, because that would be amazing.

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