Shaq on 'Lip Sync Battle'

For as great a basketball player as he was, Shaquille O'Neal has always been, first and foremost, an entertainer. Shine a spotlight on the big man, and you're guaranteed a good time.

Knowing this, it seems foolish to have expected anything less than greatness from Shaq's appearance on "Lip Sync Battle." In a preview of an upcoming episode, the Big Aristotle appears on the popular show with full commitment to his part.

Wearing a poofy wig and backdropped by dancers in 1980s throwback workout clothes, Shaq appears to crush it to an all-too-fitting song: "Maniac," from the movie Flashdance.

Such nimble footwork for a seven-footer.

The full episode of Shaq's appearance is yet to air, but if this preview is any indication, it'll be a home run.

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