After Sergio Garcia won the Masters -- his first major championship -- in April, the Washington Post made the case that fiancee Angela Akins was the secret behind his success.

Akins' effect may be tough to quantify, but there is no question that Garcia appears happy and relaxed with her around, and those are two qualities that could help any golfer.

We experienced this dynamic firsthand. Garcia and Akins, whose wedding is Sunday in Texas, had a blast quizzing each other, as our cameras rolled, to see who has a better read on various personal quirks and their relationship.

For example, when asked to fill in this blank -- Sergio's way of doing ____ is very bizarre -- Garcia's answer was about a domestic task. Akins, though, cited a certain method of preparing a particular fruit to be eaten.

"But to me, that's not bizarre," Garcia says. "To me, that's normal."

Judge for yourself. Check out the video above for more connections and misfires from Garcia and Akins on food, music, romance and more.

Bonus trivia not in the video: Akins and Drew Brees are cousins.