Santa Monica Track Club

The Fastest Club That Ever Was is a short-form sports documentary created by Santa Monica natives Michael Bromberg, Eric Bromberg and Robert Santini. Eric and Robert ran track and field during their four years at Santa Monica High became best friends. Michael went on to direct and produce short films and is currently studying film at UCLA while his older brother Eric went on to become a writer/producer in LA. Santini moved to New York where he is a PR/marketing executive.

The three remain close friends. In 2014, while vacationing in Barcelona, Eric and Robert visited the track where members of the Santa Monica Track Club, anchored by Carl Lewis, broke the world record in the 4x100-meter relay at 1992 Olympics. Feeling inspired to tell the story about the famed club from their hometown, the two came up with the idea during their flight home to produce a documentary to raise awareness of its legacy.

Here is the documentary, which includes interviews with Lewis, Leroy Burrell and coach Joe Douglas:

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