Maryland Terrapins Ellen

The Running Man Challenge reached an important milestone Monday. The originators, New Jersey teenagers Kevin Vincent, 18 and Jerry Hall, 15, and Maryland basketball's "Running Man"sensations Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley, hung out on Ellen.

Vincent and Hall explain they decided to reintroduce Ghost Town DJs' 1996 hit "My Boo" while their high school finance teacher was making a phone call to the office. The dance scene happened on a whim and they filmed it, getting some laughs from classmates in January.

A month ago, Nickens and Brantley put the Running Man Challenge back in the spotlight after seeing Vincent and Hall's video. Like the teens, Nickens and Brantley are the jokesters on the Terrapins basketball team. Unlike the high school students, the rising college juniors, who reached the Sweet Sixteen in March, had reach. Their video triggered a viral reaction among the sports world and pop culture.

Ellen DeGeneres got the entire group to dance together. On top of that, Vincent and Hall each received a $10,000 scholarship. To avoid NCAA problems, DeGeneres gifted Nickens and Brantley customized boxer briefs instead of money.

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