Rory McIlroy

Come on, Rory McIlroy, tell us how you really feel. Oh wait, you did.

The former world No. 1 did not hold anything back Tuesday in his British Open press conference, speaking on drug testing and the Olympics.

"You can't really pick up HGH in a urine test, so I could use HGH and get away with it," Mcllroy says. "So I think blood testing is something that needs to happen in golf just to make sure that it is a clean sport going forward."

A report from the World Anti-Doping Agency showed 507 drug tests were done on professional golfers in 2014, with only eight returning positive.

Mcllroy believes drug testing in golf is considerably behind other sports, although he acknowledged performance-enhancing drug use is less prevalent in comparison.

The Northern Irishman also pulled no punches regarding the Olympics, from which he withdrew his name from consideration last month.

"I won't watch golf at Olympics," he says.

McIlroy adds he will probably watch events "like track and field, swimming, diving ... the stuff that matters."

Other top players, such as Jason Day (No. 1), Dustin Johnson (No. 2), and Jordan Spieth (No. 3) have said they will skip Rio.

Golf has not been featured in the Olympics since 1904 in St. Louis.

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