Thomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey

In real life, it had been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series title before Wednesday night. In movie time, it had only been 23 years. The Cubs won a World Series title in the 1993 film Rookie of the Year.

After Chicago won this year's World Series, some of the film's notable actors showed their excitement on Twitter.

Thomas Ian Nicholas, who played 12-year-old flame-thrower Henry Rowengartner, opened the night with an Instagram on the mound.

#LetsGoCubs! #WorldSeries

A photo posted by Thomas Nicholas (@tinband) on

After the final out, he tweeted an image of his World Series ring, the closing shot of the film.

Meanwhile, Gary Busey, who played Chet "Rocket" Steadman, started his day by tweeting a photo of Chet and Henry.

Busey was fired up after the win.

He also retweeted a clip of the late John Candy in his role as broadcaster Cliff Murdoch.

Daniel Stern, who directed the movie and played pitching coach Phil Brickma, has been posting videos throughout the playoffs in his former character. In his latest clip, Stern cannot even muster any words from Brickma's lips.

Rookie of the Year may be a fictional film, but on Wednesday night, it felt real for the actors. And that's good because for most Cubs fans, the night anything but real.

It was the kind of night they had only experienced in movies.

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