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A new documentary explores the big business of MMA and the role it plays in society, and one of the sport's biggest stars has a lot to contribute on the subject.

In a trailer for "The Hurt Business," Ronda Rousey is prominently featured while defending MMA as a sport that has value to society. She rejects the notion that the sport promotes violence, and says the real issue is "ignorance" toward the sport.

"A lot of people think that it promotes violence when it really is the most responsible outlet for it," she says. "It's a human instinct to fight, if you try to suppress it entirely and put everyone in a bubble-wrapped society, that's when people end up going nuts and shooting movie theaters."

According to Rousey, MMA could have served as an outlet that kept would-be attackers and violent persons at bay, giving them a safe outlet for them to exercise their compulsions.

"If any of those people that had all of that aggression built up in them had some sort of outlet, I think that we would have a lot more societal health because of it," Rousey says.

Rousey is one of many UFC fighters featured in the trailer. "The Hurt Business" will be released on September 29.

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