Riley Curry

If you follow the NBA, you're well aware of Riley Curry's legend. In fact, her antics have managed to capture a larger non-basketball audience on the merit of her sheer adorableness.

With the Warriors back in this year's NBA Finals, the stage has been primed for more picture-perfect moments from Stephen Curry's eldest child. Sure, her presence in postgame press conference may ruffle the feathers of some grumpy media members, but who cares about them? Sport is entertainment, after all.

No one knows that better than Riley Curry. She may be 3 years old, but she's already assembled her own pint-sized Hall of Fame of memorable moments in the spotlight.

1. Riley's First Podium Game

Riley's First Podium Game

In last year's Western Conference Finals, Riley flexed the strength of her starpower, smiling at her father and drawing coos and laughs from the assembled media. At the time, a number of NBA players had been known to bring their kids to the postgame press conferences during playoff games.

But Riley raised the bar for cuteness on the podium. And once she got there, she wasted no time in proving she belonged.

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2. Riley Goes Under The Table

Riley Under The Podium

In that same press conference, Riley disappeared from sight -- and quickly appeared underneath the table, raising its skirt to gawk at the media. One can assume she was unfamiliar with the situation and needed a moment to survey the scene.

She quickly ducked back out of sight, presumably to prep her plans for a full-on media takeover.

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3. Stephen Puts Riley To Sleep

Tired And Bored

Dads are so boring, right? Riley sure thinks so.

Maybe it's the monotone of the stock answers her dad's giving out, but at this particular postgame interview, she's having none of his bland nonsense.

4. Riley Hands Gum To PR Director

Riley's Gum Game

Same postgame press conference as No. 3, and possibly her single greatest performance to-date. In the span of a few minutes, Riley does it all: She walks out underneath the curtain, clowning her father as he tries to give answers, then climbs into his lap and attempts a takeover of the interview.

When the coup fails, she dismounts and hands her gum to the Warriors' PR director, whom she presumably views as her personal servant. She's then carried out of the room, because Riley doesn't walk when she's not in the mood.

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5. Riley Dances After Game 1 Win

Game 1 Victory Dance

After Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals, Riley was in a celebratory mood. So she busted some moves while listening to some music post-game.

We don't know which song was her soundtrack, but it looks like it had a killer beat.

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6. Riley Whips And Nae Naes

Whip And Nae Nae

For Riley's third birthday last year, her mom posted a photo of her outside at their home busting the most popular dance craze that year: the Whip and Nae Nae.

She does it better than most adults. This isn't the extent of her dancing exhibitions: Riley also danced with Jeremy Lin earlier this season, and showed him a thing or two in the process.

7. Riley Wins A Championship

2015 NBA Finals

Drink in that success, small child. Riley's celebration after the Warriors' 2015 championship is one of the lasting images of that playoff run.

With a backwards cap on and hoisted into the air by her dad, she performs his signature chest-bump for a national TV audience.

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8. Riley At Dad's Second MVP Win

MVP Press Conference

At this year's press conference announcing Stephen Curry's second straight MVP award, Riley played it mostly chill -- other than when she entered the room, pointing at specific members of the gathered crowd in a way that was part-shout-out, part-warning.

That's right: Riley's watching you. So you best be on good behavior.

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9. Riley Rejects Dad After Game 7

Curry Family After Game 7

After a thrilling Game 7 win over Oklahoma City in this year's Western Conference Finals, the whole Curry family gathered on the court to celebrate. Once again, Stephen lifted up Riley at the center of the celebration.

But when he went in for a kiss from his daughter, she gave him the cold shoulder. Most Valuable What?

Ice cold, even to the two-time MVP.

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