Ric Flair Car Commercial

Ric Flair's signature promo includes the term "wheeling-dealing," which partially explains why U.S. Auto Sales, a group of dealerships in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, cast him as a used-car salesman in its latest commercial.

The wrestling icon plays the character of Papa Flair, the owner of a used-car dealership. The premise of the commercial is that you wouldn't want to do business with a maniac like Papa, so head to U.S. Auto Sales instead:

Of course, the real Ric Flair is all about jets and limos, not used cars:

In the U.S. Auto Sales commercial, you might notice the YouTube title includes the phrase "Ode To Dusty." That's a reference Flair's old colleague/rival Dusty Rhodes, who starred in a commercial for a Florida dealership in 1983:

Flair will be featured in an ESPN 30 For 30 documentary, titled Nature Boy, scheduled for release in 2017.